Today we are going to learn how to custom your facebook layout just like you could do with your old myspace profile.  You remember the background pictures, music, and funky coloring schemes on that?  Well facebook is a little different because you can't just go in and edit it on the official website.  You have to use a separate tool to custom your facebook.


The first step is to go to the website about Facebook Layouts which has a ton of different layouts that you can choose from right on their own page.  Once you are there you can select the one you want and you will be given a screen to download the tool to actually change your facebook layout.  Once you have gotten this you will be able to choose your facebook layouts from the many that are available in the program and even have the option to totally create your own from scratch.


It really is that simple to get your own set of facebook layouts to use on your facebook profile page.  Remember you can always change back to the regular facebook layout which everyone else has if you want.  You can change your facebook profile layout at any time too.  I hope you enjoyed this information and now you know how to change your facebook layout!